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Environmental Education

Bringelly School's environment leads the school naturally into the area of understanding the world around us as we have such a beautiful location right outside our classrooms. With over 50 bird species the children have identified and now easily recognise, and over 10 species of frogs our environmental science program is gaining in strength.

In 2011 -13 grants for a Climate Energy Saver Program aided by a 2011 Westpac Land Management Program have been received and used to engage students in surveying the school in ways to save energy, investigate various natural habitats around the school dam and begin establishing a school garden. From 2011 over 300 trees and schrubs have been planted, over 80 species of birds have been identified and 12 species of frogs live happily near our dam.

Attached are the School Education Management Plan and the Report for the Westpac Land Management Program.

School Education Management (doc, 81 KB)Westpac Land Management Rep (docx, 4106 KB)